Can't find or remove old App.Version value?

In bringing an app forward to 19r3.1, I’ve uncovered a property named “App.Version” that is not mine and that I can’t access to modify/remove. I’ve searched my project files, and I can’t find an entry in any of the files that match this. Unfortunately, I’ve made a load of changes and can’t reopen the project in 12r2.1 any longer.

Does anyone have an idea of where this would be stored within the project? In the project’s binary .xojo_resources file, maybe?
Read-Only property means it’s probably a build settings field.

[quote=495305:@Tim Parnell]
Read-Only property means it’s probably a build settings field.[/quote]
Can’t find it and I’m not talking about runtime, I’m talking about in the IDE. It’s not in any of the build settings that I can uncover (it’s a Linux-only project). Sorry if this feels snippish, but I’ve been battling the 19r3.1 IDE all afternoon on Linux and it’s grating my last nerve …

Found it -

After an 18 minute plus shutdown of the 19r3.1 IDE, I relaunched and it was there in Shared Settings as it should be. It and the “Auto Increment Version” switch had both gone missing in my prior session.