can't enter a new case in feedback app


in the feedback app, i’m logged in correctly as i can see my cases, but I can’t create a new case.

was just to notify that “HTTP Example” is not compiling anymore in the xojo 2018r1

Type the subject into the search field first and press return.

! yes thanks. sorry for stupid questions. plus it is written in the doc. plus i’m not even sure examples bugs are to be put there. plus i might delete this stupid question :wink:

It’s NOT a stupid question, it’s bad interface design. This question pops up all the time, so this should tell Xojo there is a need for improvement.

Good UI/UX would be to let you attempt the creation, and then make you do a search for related cases, and if finding nothing, continue with creation.

I see a similar (but backwards) issue on many web forums, where as soon as you create a new forum post, you get a list of “possibly related” posts, and often, one of those is basically identical to the post you just made, but at that point it’s too late.

Giving the person the relevant information, at the right time, is pretty important!