Can't edit caption of Segmented Buttons or Tab Panels in IDE

Get a load of this bug:

Xojo won’t let me edit the captions of Segmented Buttons or Tab Panels. Screen recordings attached to the bug report for the skeptical.

If you slow down your double clicks you get a different result?

If I mimic your speed double clicking then I get the same results as you, but if I click to select and then wait a little and click again I can edit.

MacOS Catalina, Xojo 2023r4.

That’s a good suggestion, but it makes no difference.

I added a video to your case. If I double click or more then I can’t edit. If I click, wait a moment, even move the cursor over the same label, then click again or right click, then I can edit.

I’m sorry that on the video my clicks are not shown like in yours. I’ll try to find another screen recorder that shows the clicks.

Edit: I found out that the built in Mac screen recording has the option to capture the clicks. I uploaded a new video that replicates your issue with your double/multiple clicks and how you can edit the names on those controls.