Can't compile my app in 2019 R3

I’m getting this error when trying to compile my app in R3:

This class is missing the ExecuteSQL method from the interface PreparedSQLStatement.

I have no idea what this means. Does anybody have a clue?

Update to r2.1?

I meant 2019 R3

Ah - In that case, I can only sympathize. However, that’s a Valentina thing, so maybe @Ruslan Zasukhin might have an idea.

Thanks for thee clue

Which version of Valentina do you use? Do you have the DisableRBDB file? I’m using prepared statements a lot and don’t get the error.

I don’t use prepared statements at all.

Not even sure what version of Report ADK I’m using.

Do you have the DisableRBDB file? Can you try with the latest version of Valentina?

What is that file, DisableRBDB.

I’m only using the report adk.

It’s just a guess that the missing file could cause your problem. See[]=disablerbdb .

I have to update Valentina, I have always found that to be a real pain

I have also felt the pain of Valentina updates. But… I recently updated from version 6 to version 9 and it was 99 percent seamless. The only issue I ran into was the implementation of the new Valentina SQL keyword ILIKE. The LIKE keyword is now case sensitive it appears.