Can't Change Background Color on Some Parts on Some Controls

Like labels, checkboxes, sliders, and the caption on groupbox controls always us the Window background color that they are the direct child of as the controls background color. Since there is no Background Color Or Transparency option on these controls I haven’t been able to get any of these controls to match the area around it yet. Either adding a transparency option like other controls or adding BackColor as an option would be the most direct solution if these are features the controls should have. Ultimately the goal is to give the user the ability to create interfaces To help computerize jobs that were once done with machine hardware switches or paper. Sometimes gray and white isn’t enough and ALL and controls need to be able to accommodate that … hopefully the same way but at least someway.

Platform ?

If I have a different window color than the Windows default, I put my checkboxes inside a rectangle control. Then, when I open the window I set the rectangle control background color to the window background color I’ve set, and the border width to 0. That works for solid colors that are different than the system default, but not for backdrops or images.

Edit: I’m sure he means Windows, because I don’t have to do that for Mac.

Okay, I goofed up a bit. If I set the window background color (Window1.BackColor = ___), I don’t need to do the rectangle trick. But if in the Paint event of the window I do a “g.FillRect” with a color, I do have to do the rectangle trick, otherwise the window’s back color bleeds through.

Bill, can u show us what u mean?

Try this project:
Test popover project

If you click in the main window, it displays a popover window that is drawn from a FigureShape (with a darker fill color than the system’s window color). There are 2 checkboxes on it.

On OSX, the checkboxes look the same - both appear to be transparent showing the darker color that the rest of the window has.

On Windows, the top one is too light - it has the system default background color instead of what’s actually drawn on the window behind it. The bottom one looks good because it’s sitting on top of a rectangle that I set to have the same FillColor as the FigureShape.

And yes, there are simpler examples but I wanted to show WHY I might be using this way of coloring a window instead of changing the background color.

i see what you mean now… i have the same problem on the windows application.