Can't add data to non-text fields?

I’m trying to create a RealbasicSQL database and add data. When I try to assign a value to any non-text field, I get a "Parameters are not compatible with this function.
I create the table with:
HPPdb.SQLExecute “create table HPP (IDX integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,”+_
“Angle Double,”+_
“BegPtX Integer,”+_
“LayerName varchar,”+_
“FillColor varchar,”+_
“SpareDbl2 Double)”

I try to add data with:
dim dr as New DatabaseRecord
dr.Column(“Angle”) =0.0
dr.Column(“BegptX”) =200
dr.Column(“BegPtY”) =300
app.HPPdb.InsertRecord “HPP”, dr

The VarChar fields are ok but the integer and double fields cause the errors.


use dr.IntegerColumn etc

Thank you.
Is there a DoubleColumn and a BooleanColumn too? You just type in the type in front of the word Column except for text?

Please see the documentation for DatabaseRecord:

Right. Thanks. I’d like to point out that all the database record examples use row.Column().
There are no examples for IntegerColumn() or DoubleColumn, even under the IntegerColumn, doubleColumn, BooleanColumn, etc. help topic.

I’m not trying to excuse my ignorance, but it would have been a real help for the example to actually use the correct column name instead of “Column” in all cases.

Use the right xxxColumn method based on the type of data you are putting into the column