Cannot run web apps on my test server if built in new versions of XOJO

The above link regards an original post I made about my issue which I ‘worked around’. Currently I have a web server at home that I test web apps on. Windows Server 2008, running XAMP as opposed to IIS. I have two apps running currently and they work fine, both built in 2015r3.1 as I could not get new versions of apps built in later XOJO to run. Yesterday I quickly knocked together another app. in the latest 2016r3 release which runs fine as a debug build. When I build and copy the folders across to the web server it says the application has launched but cannot connect to the port. If I reload the code into 2015r3.1 as I did to resolve the issue before, build and deploy it runs fine. I am thinking I really now need to get to the bottom of the issue to avoid the ‘going backwards in versions’ so pointers in the right direction would be welcomed.

Hi,Paul.I have a same issue now.My Web APP cannot run on my server(Ubuntu 64bit),it warned “segmentation fault”.Then I built for Linux ARM and run it on my raspberry Pi.But it didn’t work.Could you tell me how did you do?My xojo version is 2015r4.Thanks.