Cannot run or build my projects created with Xojo after Windows update

Windows did an update last night and I first noticed all the executables I have created with XOJO now require the Administrator to run even though my I am setup as an administrator. Not only that I can’t even perform a Run since that creates a temporary .exe file, which won’t run, rendering my XOJO development environment unusable.

No other existing executables have this issue. The update that ran is “KB4100347: Intel microcode updates - Applies to: Windows Server version 1803 Windows 10, version 1803”.

Has anyone experienced this issue and how did you resolve it?

In My Desktop with Windows 10, it installed without problems, however, my servers are AMD, so, it has no effect on them. Did you try yo uninstall it?

@Thomas Frazier - Sounds like Microsoft may have tightened up UAC (User Account Control) security with the update. If your Xojo app is trying to do something on the Windows 10 or Windows Server device (e.g., write to an area on the drive which requires admin permissions), then I can see where running the app as administrator will be required. As a test you could disable UAC on your Windows computer to see if that makes a difference.