Cannot post on the forum?

I have tried several times to post to the plugin forum. It loads and loads, but my post does not appear. The tread is called “semaphore creation within a thread”


are-you talking about this conversation:

If so, it appears, and you get answers.

You may have hide that channel by mistake.

I had at one time a crash, restarted the computer, went back to that conversation, lost all of what I wrote, wrote it again, submitted it etc. “Loading” took forever. Opening a new forum page, noticed the conversation was updated but nothing appeared. Closed that new forum page (new tab in Safari), noticed still “Loading”.

In the end I filed a feedback <>, but not sure if indeed one can stall a thread allowing a one-shot timer to update an event, followed by resuming the thread in the timer; this would ensure synchronicity of the thread with the main thread.