cannot make control set

I created a simple custom label control based on a canvas
I place one each at the top of panes in a pagepanel
I then changed the name of the 2nd instance to the same name as the 1st instance. Normally this causes Xojo to ask me if I intended to make a control set. However this DID not happen… it just show two distinct controls with the same name!

Next I tried to add them manually to a controlset… Doing this made the Controls Pane “look” correct.
However if I added an event to the control set… only the 1st instance reacted to the event… the 2nd simply ignored it

I have saved the project in various states hoping that a restart would untangle whatever confusion was happening behind the scenes but to no avail

If I disconnect the control set , and make each instance a uniquely name control with its own event… it works… but then that defeats the purpose of control sets

This is macOS Sierra, Xojo2016r4.1

Note : upgrading to Xojo2017 is not a financially viable option

I removed all the controlset stuff…
told it to create a new CS for one of the controls
Xojo CHANGED the name BACK to myControl1
told it to add the other control
Xojo then changed THAT name
and it now works… but the control/set is not the name I wanted