Cannot get example SSLTest to work

I want to learn how to modify my webapp to work with SSL. So after reading some of the documentation and opening the example SSLTest that comes with Xojo, I am doing something wrong.

I am using macOS 10.13.4 with Xojo 2017 release 3. I have also included the MBS plugins latest version. My webapp is a standalone (not CGI).

I simply open the SSLTest that comes with the examples, compile it and run it. It does compile and attemp to launch and it just dies/quits without any warning nor error. So,

  1. Any ideas on what is going on?

  2. Any further suggestions on what to learn to get this going properly?


Hello Jorge, you need to run the web app like this:
./SSLTest --secureport=8082
then use your browser to go to https://localhost:8082 or http://localhost:8081, the first line on the webpage will say if the connection is secure or not.

I am simply trying to run it in debug mode… not building a standalone

I believe the instructions are right in the example project itself (shown as Option 2). You’ll need to use “Run Paused” because you have to manually start the app using the secure port as Alberto says. When you just click Run it does not start it securely.

Thanks Paul. The answer was biting me in the face. That is what I get for not reading the instructions.