Cannot get animation to work

Years ago I wrote an Animated Sort program. Window opens with a graphics object containing bars whose height represents the value in that numeric ray position. One of a number of sort algorithms is chosen and then as the array elements are moved during the sort process the corresponding bars in the graphic move. Some time ago this quit due to Apple no longer allowing the access to the graphic object. Now when I choose a sort there is a delay and then wham, there canvas changes one time to its final sorted view. I have looked at there Animation example that comes with Xojo but moving a single ball is considerably different than what I am attempting. With this being my 77th birthday I am not as quick at programming as I once was; but I would sure love to get this working again. Is there any good topic somewhere that gives a GOOD THOROUGH discussion of how animation like I am attempting is done?
Right now I have a simpler project that only does a comb sort for trying rtf get things working. If I fan get it I an use what I have accomplished into the larger program with a number of sort algorithms.

Been working with these folks since release 1.1 of RealBasic just for my own fun. Not into trying to write things for sale. Any help would ber most appreciated.

Hi Harrie!
You can read my four-part guest post series on the Xojo blog. That should help, and includes an example project.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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Thanks Anthony. Now to see if I can get this old self to figure out how to apply your articles to my project. Appreciate your reply. Programmed on IBM mainframes for my career using a language IBM named PL/I. Was not object oriented, at least not in 200 when I retired. Could not 100% retire from programming though.