Cannot enter year in Calendar object

I cannot enter a year in the Calendar object, whenever I try this, the first 2 numbers are being erased and only the two last numbers are showing. I thought that maybe this is because of a Inspector setting, but there is nothing special to see there. Display is set to DateOnly.

Screenshot 2022-08-31 at 15.49.59

Have you tried something called, Documentation?

It feels like a bug because sometimes after many tries, the date sticks, Other times it disappears.

Is your system locale something other than English? This seems to cause a lot of problems for Xojo apps. Can you reproduce it in a sample project?

System is English.

My only recommendation from there is to use the Einhugur date control, because the built in control is clearly half implemented. I had my own struggles and got tired of dealing with the framework one.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the answer I’m thinking you’re looking for.

Edit: modified some words for clarity

Thanks, I had a look. I think I will use the buggy calendar control for now. I can fill some 4 numbers years like 1900 and then use the arrows to go to the date I want, but it’s a little clumsy and unprofessional.