Cannot Edit External Items in IDE

Sometimes (but not always) the IDE won’t let me edit code in external items. No cursor and typing has no effect. AFAIK the externals are not being used in any other currently-open projects. I have to close my project and re-open it to regain the ability to edit again.

Is this a known issue?

2021r2.1 MacOS Monterey

I had that problem at about that time, sometimes manageable, sometimes chronic. Most of my code is external. I was told it was TimeMachine or other external factors, but no changes seemed to fix it.

It was worst when I moved from the IDE to another app (even the launched Project) then back. The text would not respond to edits and show greyed. The only solution was to relaunch the Project. When it was happening on every launch it really affected my productivity.

I have not seen it for the past year or more with the latest Xojo versions and I still use TimeMachine, so I assume it was a Xojo internal issue.

Thanks, David, yes, it’s very frustrating and disruptive to workflow. Sometimes just saving the project restores editability, sometimes not.

I don’t use Time Machine but I do use BackBlaze.

This has become much better in recent versions - around 2022r3.