Cannot Deploy Webapp

Hi There,
i’m very new to Webapps and had recently bought a Xojo Cloud Server.
For Testing i tried to deploy a WebApp Example to my Server.
If i go to the control panel and wanna let me show the app i got the Message:
No apps have been deployed to this server.

What’s going wrong?
I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but i’m on the way to learn how to develop and deploy web apps.

Hi Hans - I will take a look at this.

I was able to deploy and launch an app on your server. I will contact you with more info.

Yes it works, and i can see it in my control panel!

To show you what i’ve done, i trie’d again following steps:

  1. Create a new Webapp Project
  2. Placed a simple Label on WebPage1
    3, In Build Settings the Xojo Cloud is checked and i select the Server.
    Now i choose Deploy and this step finishes without any error message and without showing me the Webpage inSafari.

Looking at it now. I sent you a private message with some questions.

Hi Jason,
for your information:
i found out that our firewall (Sonicwall) has blocked the deployment.
After i disabled the rules there is no problem anymore. Next step is to find out what rule was responsible for that.
Any hints which ports and protocols are necessary for deployment?

Hi Hans - I’m glad to hear that since it seems like an easier problem to fix.

The ports needed are 54322 and 54320.

Hi Jason, thanks for the information.