cannot connect to the debugger

Dear Friends
I am making an application and every time I click on run icon
The following message is displayed:

“The debug application cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE.
This is mostly likely due to a software firewall or packet filter
not allowing localhost network traffic on ports 13897 or 60554.
You should reconfigure software firewall or packet filter to allow the debug to connet to Xojo.”

I need to solve this problem

Any ideas will be highly appreciated

Raul Juarez Pulache

what OS are you running that you see this ?

The operating system is windows 10

Do you get the same error when running a new empty project?

Did you once get the windows firewall dialog?
If you got that dialog and you have selected the wrong option “public networks” for example while your network is a “private or home network” the debugger can’t communicate as windows will lock the ports and allows usage only when on “public networks” then. It may also be the other way around depending on your windows setup.

You can try to add a new application (xojo entry) in your firewall or change the settings.

If this isn’t the case, then it’s probably because you changed to another ide version?

Or anti-virus spftware blocking Debug[appname].exe

Infinite Thank you
Derk J
the antivirus was blocking the Debug

With your great help you can solve the problem

A hug