cannot connect to the debugger

hi, i’m a high school teacher who has started teaching Xojo. let me say right off the bat that i’m a total beginner, just began using today.

my programs run fine on my computer, but many of my students are getting a “cannot connect to the debugger” error message, often when they are trying to run their 2nd programs. their first attempts seem to run just fine.

i did find this advice, seems like exactly the right fix for me, but this is only for students using Real Studio:

[quote]Recently, we were contacted by a teacher who uses Real Studio in her classroom. Her students log into their computers with their network login IDs and connect to a student server where they save their work to a folder. However, her students found that after they ran their apps once, they were unable to do so again because the Application.Debug file that is created in their folder is continually in an opened state until the student logs out.

So, it looks like I need to change the debug build folder? does that sound right? if so, how would I do that? any other ideas? thanks!

if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful – supposed to continue teaching this later today. Thanks!!

Hi Matthew,
Click ‘Shared’ in the Navigator on the left. It’s down near the bottom, under Build Settings.

Next, look to the right of the IDE, in the Inspector. Near the bottom you will see a Debug header and underneath that you will see Destination.

So that’s how you change the debug build folder. Whether or not that will fix your problem, I can’t tell. Good luck.

By the way, you might also find some useful material on the Xojo Dev Center.

Take a look under the Getting Started section, you’ll see QuickStart guides and also a free Introduction to Programming book that might be useful for your students.

I found that educational IT’s make things unnecessarily restrictive. The ones in my district had locked the dock position on the Macs for god knows why.

You may want to talk to your IT person as well.