Cannot connect to the debugger after Windows Update 20H2

Last night Windows updated to version 20H2. Today, when I run/debug in Xojo 2020r2.1, I get the “cannot connect to the debugger” message saying that it is probably the firewall blocking port 13897 or 60554.

Here is what I have tried:

  1. Manually allowed both ports in the firewall.
  2. Rebooted.
  3. Turned off firewall completely (on Domain, Private network and Public network)
  4. Unplugged from network and plugged back in.
  5. Turned off Real-time protection in Windows Defender
  6. Turned off basically everything under “Virus & threat protection settings”.
  7. Reinstalled Xojo 2020r2.1

I’m still getting the message and cannot debug.

Any ideas?

Do you get different behavior with a new user account? I’m running Windows 10 20H2 at the moment and not having any debugging issues.

Had the same before. Remove all firewall rules for xojo.exe and relauch xojo. Start the debugger and accept the firewall request.

A new user account didn’t make any difference.

I got it working and it is a firewall issue. @DerkJ’s suggestion helped but honestly I think something is wrong with my windows firewall.

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It’s probably yet another windows update that changed a thing or two.