cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE

hi everyone!
when i execute my xojo app on windows 7 --both installation windows 7 like xojo are new from scratch-- i get an error message and i can’t continue:
“The debug application cannot connect back to the Xojo IDE. This is mostly like due to a software firewall or packet filter not allowing localhost network trafic on ports 138978 or 60554”
I deactivated the firewall and the antivirus but the error is still present. What would be the solution? thanks a lot!

Sure sounds like a Firewall issue. Check the firewall settings on the remote machine AND the IDE machine.



thanks bob and brian. i tried the given solution in the brian link and does not work for me. but i have found the solution. i deactivated the windows firewall and the avast antivirus, and now works!
thanks again for the quick responses.