Cannot call method 'destroy' of undefined

Getting this error both by IE and Chrome (Win7) - but just on the client’s setup. Here, everything works fine. There’s a custom webcontrol (developed by me) involved - however, I don’t have a method “destroy” implemented. Debugging is a pain in the ass as (i) it doesn’t happen on my machine and (ii) all commands get sent once.

Any help highly appreciated.

Is there a place I can see the error?


Unfortunately not. It only happens inside the client’s network and I physically need to be there, no chance for VPN/TeamViewer or alike.

So far I could identify the issue I believe:
The custom control has been embedded inside a container, the container then has been embedded, and quickly closed after. I guess, the control hadn’t loaded/shown yet, which is why the destroy command could not have been called. The destroy method is inserted by Xojo, I guess?

I could work around it with delaying the closing of the control.

EDIT: Solution checked by accident, please remove it by chance :slight_smile: Thx!