Cannot build 64-bit Mac app

I just tried to build a 64-bit Mac version of a program that successfully builds as 32-bit and the IDE locks up, never completing the build and it requires a Force Quit to get the IDE to quit. I am running Xojo 2018r2 on Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6. The IDE will run the program with 64-bit selected, although it takes an unusual amount of time after the progress bar completes before it will start execution. What can I do to get my app compiled to 64-bit?

What optimization level have you set? Try Default.

Do you run with any plugins and are they all up to date?

I am using some plugins supplied by some spectrometer vendors, but they are 64-bit. I am also trying to use a MonkeyBread USB plugin, but it is also 64-bit.

Based on Greg O’Lone’s comment, I checked the optimization. Setting it to “default” resulted in a compiled 64-bit app, finally.

Thank you. I would not have suspected that the compiler’s optimizations would hang up the compiler. Perhaps some improvement is needed here?

Each level higher (Moderate and Aggressive) will take increasing amounts of time to compile. Take the IDE for instance. On my machine each platform I build takes 3 minutes using Default and 45 minutes using Aggressive.

I suspect you just gave up too fast.