Cannot add Event Handlers

I just downloaded Xojo 2014 Release 1. When try to add a new event handler to a window or a control (lets say 'action to a push button) absolutely nothing happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a old project or a new one. This way Xojo is totally useless.

If you double click the button that you’ve placed on your window, does an “Add Event Handler” screen not come up?

Sometimes before passing judgement, one may need to genuinely try to use a tool. Thousands of developers happily add events daily. How come you pretend Xojo to be useless after but a few minutes ?

To add an event to a button, start by right click on the button in the project, on the left hand side of the IDE :

Then select Event Handler and a window offers event handlers to choose from.

It works the same for all controls. For buttons, when you double click on one in the window, Xojo offers to add Action. Simple enough ?

There is a bug that’s been driving me crazy, where the event handler dialog is empty or wants to add events to the parent window… seems to happen more for some than others. I wonder if that’s what you’re running into. Try saving the project or analyzing (command-k) this seems to clear it up for some.

Michel: Sorry, my post was a bit harsh. I’m using RealBaisc/Xojo since 2002, so I know my ways…

Strange thing is, today, after a restart of Xojo it works as it should (yesterday a restart didn’t help). Yesterday the handler list was sometimes empty. Sometimes it was filled but the chosen event wasn’t added to the window or the control. So this bug seems to appear intermittent.

It is important that the control is highlighted blue in the navigator before wanting to add an event. Sometimes right-clicking on a non-highlighted control doesn’t work, especially immediately after creating a control in a window. But I can’t reproduce this error in a “stable way”, so it is difficult to know the exact steps which lead to that. I just learned to always select the control with a left mouse click and only then add the event(s).

I never observed it myself, but it was reported several times. And as it is intermittent it will be difficult to eradicate. Norman Palardy desperately tries to reproduce it to no avail. I tried too following Jim McKay’s indications, but Event handlers keep showing up.

Alex, what OS are you using?

This appears to be the correct Feedback for this issue:


I can’t seem to reproduce this today, even though I could at XDC. Could this be related to plugins, specifically the MBS plugins? (Those are the only ones I’ve changed since XDC.)

No, it happens seldom on my Mac, but without any plugins from time to time the add event handler dialogue comes up empty. I usually click through some other windows and containers in the editor list, and after a few window refreshes the IDE finds the events again.