CancelClose - ContainerControls

The docs say the CancelClose should be available for ContainerControls but it’s not in the Add EventHandler dialog and if I try via AddHandler I get told that the event is already being handled.

I was a bit surprised to see CancelClose for ContainerControls but should it be there or (more likely!) an error in the docs?

Since ContainerControl is an embeddedWindow, one would expect it to have the same events and properties as a window. Among the curiosities, ContainerControl has a Title property which has been omitted from the LR.

There is also the Resized and Resizing events that do not fire (I had to workaround for RubberViews).

But, indeed, CancelClose is missing. It should be removed from the LR. A feedback report is desirable.

I’ll do it tomorrow

It came light as controls in a containercontrol are in scope in the close event, calling ContainerControl.Close and the controls don’t seem to be available in the close event.

Started digging and saw CancelClose!