Cancel Build XOJO2019R1.1


Is there a way to cancel the build without force quitting the app ?

From mistake I pressed Aggressive on the Optimization level and I pressed build and for the past 2 hours XOJO stays Unresponsive and the build progress bar is around 90 % . I don’t want to get my project corrupted by force quitting the IDE but in the same time I don’t have all the day waiting for a build to be done.

The Cancel button does not seem to work at all in this case .

I guess I’ll wait 1 hour more and if still nothing then I’ll force quit it and see what happens.

If you have unsaved changes, wait until it’s done. :slight_smile:

thanks, did that, after almost 3 hours was done and the weird part is that with Moderate my compiled app is 93 MB, with Aggressive is almost 500 MB , no idea why and I don’t want to repeat that soon .

The developer either does a Cmd-S + Cmd-R because it’s in the muscle memory. Or the lazy developer has a “DoCommand(“save”)” as IDE script before building.

I tried the aggressive once, too. Didn’t make a difference. I do databases and text parsing.

Pretty sure I read that - in order to speed things like loops up, - the agressive compile turns the loop into statements because they are faster.


For x as integer = 1 to 5 //do something using x next

compiles as

do something using 1 do something using 2 do something using 3 do something using 4 do something using 5

Which, for a loop running to thousands of iterations, starts to generate silly amounts of code.
Probably compresses away nicely when zipped or packed, but makes for a large executable.


I’ve never seen it work in my whole history of using Xojo/Real

You need to do a cmd-. for quite a while. But it works. I just hold down the keys until the compilation stops.