Canadian Formats?

I believe that Canada formats financial amounts the same as in the UK and US:

How does Canada format dates in an accounting package?
Is it the same as the US:

Example (25th December 2014):

If Canada uses various formats for some unknown reason - which would be more common for an accounts package?

Thank you all in advance.

[quote=146076:@Richard Summers]Hi,
I believe that Canada formats financial amounts the same as in the UK and US:

We don’t use commas in numbers… we switch to the metric way of doing it, just leave a little space.

At least thats how it is taught in schools. It may be that most accounting programs sold here do use commas, but they are mostly from US companies.

It should be user configurable for presentation and input :slight_smile:

So date formats should be preset, but amount formats should be user defined?

It should ALL be user configurable
This is all specifiable in the users control panel on OS X Windows & Linux

For storage NEVER store it in a locale specify way
But for input & output you should use the conventions the user has selected

Norman, not quite sure what you meant by this:

Do you mean I should somehow check what is set up on the user’s system?
Or is it better to simply offer choices for all the different formats?


It is always better to leave the choice to the user. You may however take a look at this link for some insight on the standard Canadian formats (date and time) and this link (currency)

Note the diferences between Canadian and Canadian French formats.

[quote=146089:@Richard Summers]Norman, not quite sure what you meant by this:
If you display data using the Date.Long/Medium/ShortDate methods you’ll get “the users preferred format”.
For numerics I can’t say I’ve ever seen or used anything other than “###,###.##” and I do live in Canada (western canada)
And Format will insert whatever decimal & thousands separators the user selected.
You can “do the right thing” by not trying to to do too much.

For input you can use ParseDate and it will accept what the users format settings are set to for data input.
Numerics are some what simpler since you just have to find the users thousands & decimal separator are and pull them our OR use one of the locale aware functions. Tearing them out on data entry values is easy since they are easy to figure out

dim thousands as string = replaceAll( format( 1111, "0,000), “1”, “” )
dim decimal as string = replaceAll( format( 1.111, "0.00), “1”, “” )

You are quite right Norman. Same where I come from, on an island in the middle of the St-Lawrence. Unless the app is going to be used by clients in the public sector. Then, every last iota of the formats needs to be obeyed.