can you set multiple values in a dictionary?

Always use dictionary’s however can you set more than one value to a value?

Something like this?

dim di as new dictionary

di.value(“one”).name = “john smith”
di.value(“one”).age= 24
di.value(“one”).country= “Australia”


No, but you can create a class with the properties you want, then assign instances of those to the Dictionary.

Or, use a Dictionary within a Dictionary:

dim di as new dictionary
Dim innerdict As New Dictionary
innerdict .value("name").name = "john smith"
innerdict .value("age").age= 24
innerdict .value("country").country= "Australia"
di.Value("one") = innerdict

To get data out just reverse the process:

dim di as new dictionary
Dim innerdict As Dictionary = di.Lookup("one", Nil)
If innerdict <> Nil Then
End If

Can’t edit. Should have been:

innerdict.value("name") = "john smith"
innerdict.value("age")= 24
innerdict.value("country")= "Australia"

Interesting all.

this works fine for me : test has two property’s name and age

[code] dim c as new test
dim di as new Dictionary“damon”
di.Value(“one”) = c

c= new test“Kem”
di.Value(“two”) = c[/code]

if you don’t put c = new test then the last values appear in both “one” and “two”

Many thanks