Can you remove "The application has encountered an error.."

HI Guys,

is there a way to remove the “The application has encountered an error and cannot continue” SEND / DONT SEND popup?

When you click on DONT SEND the app will still run and you can try again.
When you click on SEND the app closes and doesn’t issue the CLOSE event.

It would be best not to have it if possible.


It depends on the error you are getting. If it’s an exception in your app, the way to prevent this is to add correct exception handling to your app. At the very least, implement the UnhandledException event on Session and App.

Hi Greg,

cool - thanks - will do

The UnhandledException event does not prevent the default error dialog from being shown. The UnhandledException code just runs along side the error dialog. Since the original question, has a way to suppress the error dialog been implemented?

Have you tried returning True from the UnhandledException event?

Didn’t know about that option, thanks.

That’s what the documentation is for :slight_smile: