Can you identify this data structure?


We have just signed with Higher Logic and I’m going to need to use their push api.

The data format is below. I need to know best how to handle data in this configuration.

{ "TenantCode" : "HLTENANT", "Items" : [{ "CommunityGroups" : [{ "SinceDate" : "", "BeginDate" : "9/25/2014 12:00:00 PM", "EndDate" : "1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM", "GroupKey" : "RepDiscussion", "ParentCommunityKey" : "", "GroupName" : "National Discussion", "GroupType" : "HLTENANT ", "GroupSubType" : "", "RoleDescription" : "Member" } ], }

This is just a small piece of the data. Is this a type of eml? Whats the best way to build this data structure to send to them?


it is a JSON fragment
so you can use a JSONitem or with the OldNew framework a dictionary that you than convert to/from json

This is one of the sections of the manuals that is very good and complete:

Xojo JSON Handling

This is the api Endpoint:

I assume I pass the JSON to this url. Anybody got any examples?

Do you have their API docs? It looks lie you need an account and credentials.

Yea And I realize that, I just want to be ready to go, make a small test program. So how does one send JSON to the url?

Check out paw

It even has a code generator for xojo

Examples > Internet there are api examples for Airtable using json.

You’ll need to know things like PUT or POST for the sending of the data. Then deal with how they are doing authentication. The regular old API http request stuff in Xojo only does basic authentication but the newer stuff may do digest authentication which I am running into more and more lately. If you need OAUTH or something else the specifics of that will have to come from their API documentation. Usually when I need to do things like alternative authentications that are not supported natively I use the MBS curl plugin, but I did do a digest authentication socket in pure xojo that works most of the time :wink: But got fed up with the standard non-standardness of browsers and servers and switched to using curl.