Can you get SQLFieldMBS values from a SQLDatabaseMBS?

In the MBS SQL plugin examples and web pages ( it seems you can only get the SQLFieldMBS values when using an SQLConnectionMBS, but is it possible to get the SQLFieldMBS values from an SQLDatabaseMBS? Or is there a workaround?

why don’t you use SQLConnectionMBS from the beginning?

or ask SQLDatabaseMBS for it’s connection via the connection parameter to get the SQLConnectionMBS.

I tried to use

Dim tempSQLFieldMBS As SQLFieldMBS = SQLDatabaseMBS.Connection.SQLFieldMBS

but it wouldn’t give me the results.

no, you need to run a new command with query.

With SQLDatabase, I give you record set and there you can only get DatabaseField.

So run the SQL query once with SQLConnectionMBS to get the SQLFieldMBS values, then run the SQL query a second time with SQLDatabase to get the DatabaseField?

if you need both, that’s a way.
Or ask the SQLCommandMBS to give RecordSet.
For that I would use a scrollable cursor, go to first and than ask RecordSet?