Can you addevent on a textfield on the latest version?

can you addevent on a textfield on the latest version?

  1. latest version of what?

  2. what sort of event are you talking about? The events that already exist or something else.

on the latest xojo version 2023r1.1
i would like to addhandler on a textfield
can this be happening?

Is this a textfield created in code? Then you’d use AddHandler to add events to it.

Hi @Nikos_Galanopoulos

Try this:

  1. Drag & drop a DesktopTextField from the Library into the Window1 Layout Editor
  2. Add a new Method to Window1 using the following signature:
  • Name: TextChanged
  • Parameters: ctl As DesktopTextField

And type the following line inside that method Code Editor:


  1. Add now the Opening Event Handler to Window1 and type the following line of code to the associated Code Editor:

AddHandler TextField1.Textchanged, Addressof textChanged

Run the app and start typing in the text field… it should reach the break point and display the Debugger in the IDE.

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