Can Yosemite run Xojo and Parallels?

Can I ask someone who has already downloaded Yosemite — does it run Xojo and Parallels OK? Any showstoppers for the cautious amongst us?

I wouldn’t recommend it right now. This isn’t the right place to discuss it, so I’ll just leave it as that.

Confused… if this ISN’T the right place to ask if XOJO and Yosemite place nice, then where is?
I mean the fact that 10.10 exists is a done deal. perhaps there are some minor items under NDA
but I would not think that the answer to this question would be one of them.

a) Xojo and Yosemite are known to place nice
b) Xojo and Yosemite are in dire conflict and your XOJO development is at risk
c) Xojo and Yosemite have a few minor issues that can be worked around easily until XOJO and/or Apple deals with them

A, B or C?

If A, then I have no issue with upgrading to Yosemite on day one.
if B, then I have a HUGE issue
if C, it would depend on what the “minor issues” were/are

You assume my reasons for my recommendation relate to Xojo at all. And no, it isn’t the generic “this is a beta” reason.

Yosemite specifics should only be discussed with other developers who have access to it. Given that this forum is not such a place, going into details isn’t appropriate here. The question would be more appropriate on Apple’s developer forums, where they can confirm participation status. I’m sorry, this comes up every year, and every year the answer is the same.

Personally, I ran Mavericks on my primary machine from day one. I would not Yosemite. That’s about all the detail I’m going to get into in a public forum.


You assume my response was related only to Yosemite.
I ASSUME that it will work pretty much as designed…

My question (as I believe was that of the OP)… was DOES XOJO PLAY NICE

No Apple Developer forum is going to be able to address that question.

Considering we got it yesterday, just like everyone else, this question is a little premature.

Why not? Maybe I could answer the question in more detail over there. Or perhaps you could install it into a VM and try it out yourself.

Yosemite developer preview is under NDA, but furthermore the actual public release will probably be different and exhibit less issues with some configurations. In other words, that wine is still green and could cause heartburn. Better wait until 10.10 is ready for public degustation.

Please keep discussion of Yosemite off of these forums as there does exist an NDA. If you encounter bugs with Xojo or applications built with Xojo, please file private reports in Feedback.