Can Xojo Web be used to complex web application

I was thinking to use Xojo Web to develop a more complex web apllication something like a CRM, ERP to be used inside a company(intranet only).
The question is if Xojo can be used for this kind of project. The application will need to support multiple users at once (in the same time) between 50-100 users.
The application server will be separated from the database server.
Can Xojo scale for this type of project? and how?


After many tests and evaluations with the web server side and the tcpSocket side of things, I’d say yes. 200-300 at once is about the max connections at any one time (on a decent server) before Xojo’s own thread scheduler can’t keep up before things start going crazy. As for the how… you need to read up and get familiar with the web development side. I can’t answer that for you, as it’s a pretty broad questions and I don’t know your experience or overall expectations. What you are wanting can be handled on a single server (keeping the db on a separate server is advised, and also what I do), and can be done with a single instance of the stand-alone application. I haven’t tested the CGI approach, so I can’t really comment on that. I’m assuming w/ the overhead of using the CGI method, things change drastically. You’re no longer reliant on Xojo handling threads for each session… but the webserver you use will open up a new instance of the application for each connection. That’s a whole other issue w/ terms of the resources, etc. that you’d need. Only way to tell would be to test it yourself. Good luck, and happy development! :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you! for you answer.