Can we have a property for css classes?

You know what is really missing that would kinda make it easy for a lot of us? A property for all standard objects that allows us to add the names of custom css classes we want to attach to the said object. Yes I know how to do it in code, but having it built in and using it in the property panel of the IDE would be awesome.

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Can you create a Feature Request using ? (I don’t know if there is one there yet)



I added this one in the early days of Web 2.0:
#60471 - Add Name to WebStyle in Web 2.0 and add a means of providing CSS data


There is also this one:

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While they are related, yours might require some more tinkering under the hood for them to implement it and that might delay the feature.
NOT saying that it’s not a good feature request.

At the moment I’m looking for something that could potentially be added in the next release. No need for the debugger to do any additional checks, compilations/optimizations etc. I will do that in browser. And if they want to take it a step further and implement it as you requested in the future, more awesomeness. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for creating the case and mentioning the other related issues. I’ve linked them.