Can StyleRuns Overlap

I have tried to understand StyledText before and I’m trying again.

Can I have a set of StyleRuns with each being one of the several attributes?

So one range would be the full text with attributes of Fontname and FontSize.
Another range would be twenty characters in the middle having Only Bold and Italic.

IF true can I add them to StyleRun() in any order. So I get a complex set of runs together, and then just AddStyleRun with another run of say TextColor as the only attribute.

As far as I know, styleruns never can overlap, because any change to the text attributes means a new stylerun.

For instance, in your example, the 20 characters Bold Italic will be a new StyleRun with Fontname, Fontsize, Bold, Italic.

Each time you change the style of a portion of text, this creates a new stylerun.