can save sqlite db on icloude

Can save or send sqlite db to icloud with only xojo code

don’t share an sqlite database across icloud, or dropbox, or any sharing service
it will let to broken databases very soon.
use a real database server like postgresql or cubesql.

but i do no need security is for basic data like inventory qty

It’s not a security issue, it’s a corruption issue. The automatic sync services can sometimes start to sync at the wrong time which causes the database file to become corrupt.


but any other way to do it is for a single user

The safest (currently known) way to use the cloud with a SQLite file is to copy your file out of the cloud to either SpecialFolder.Temporary or your app’s working directory in Application Support and connect to the file in that location. Then, once you close the connection to the SQLite database in your app, copy it back to the cloud location.

that works for me where i can find info for work on it