Can one OpenDialog in a web application


I would like to know how to use the OpenDialog because it generates an error that “object does not exist OpenDialog” however I can write

If I write this causes an error that there is no

Dim open as OpenDialog

If I write this tells me that the object has that method

OpenDialog.Title = “hello”

Not if the error is caused because I am developing a web application.

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In web apps you’ll want to use WebDialog which you can read about at:

But how could open a file from the webdialog as OpenDialog

I was a bit hasty in my first reply. Check out:

Thanks that I’m watching

I’m checking the webfileuploader.

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In the example is

Dim outputFile As FolderItem
Dim output As BinaryStream
As WebUploadedFile For Each file In files
outputFile = New FolderItem (file.Name)
output = BinaryStream.Create (outputFile, True)
output.Write (file.Data)
Catch e As IOException
End Try

In the example of the variable “files”, but as stated, because it tells me that the method or property does not exist

That code should be placed in the WebFileUploader.UploadComplete event.

Examining and experimenting with the WebFileUploader example project may help. It’s provided with the latest release of Xojo in the “Example Projects/Web/Controls” folder.

Use the WebUploadedFile.Save method. It will save you an extra copy of the data in memory.