Can not set text field name


I am a beginner…

When i create new text fields and labels, they retain their default names how ever much i try to give them my own meaningful names!

Under Inspector, under ID tab, i try to change the name by typing in my own name…but the change is not saved.

When i move to the next control, the name reverts to the default value of say TextField1.

For labels, i can only change the caption property…i cant change the name!

Is there a setting i need to change so that edits to names are saved?


Do a “return” after changing the name. I don’ remember if this is a feature or a bug.

Yeah, it often doesn’t “stick” unless you press the return key before moving to a different field. It’s annoying.

Than you so much for the replies…i guessed returned key is the enter key… and pressing it before moving saves the change.