Can not set App Icon

Currently I can not set the Icon on my App class.
This works when doing a completely new project, then the icon button shows itself in the Inspector and I can set it.

I am buidling a template for all my project so i have made a superclass of the App object,
then i set the App object to this base class App.

But nor in the child nor in the super of this App class hierarchy do I see the icon button show in the inspector.
Is this by design or am i missing something?

OS X 10.11.5,
Xojo 2016r1.1

App selected (navigation pane - left)
Right pane (set in property view): last entry is named Icon and have a graphic area to drop the icon there.

Note: you can create a post-build script for the Application and you’re done.


Thanks for the reply Emile.

As I stated in the Inspector the graphic area isn’t displayed sometimes.

Could you provide an example of the post-build script you are referring too?

The whole pre/post build scripting is still something I struggle with.

Maybe you can post a screenshot? It sounds like it might be a corrupted project or a bug.

Sam, thank you for your for response.

Your suggestion made me start Iooking into some off the other projects I have based on my template project file.
And it seems that you’re remark on corrupted project file hits the mark.

Some app’s that are based on the template project file are behaving as expected but one (the actual base) isn’t.

In the Navigator (showing my template project file) the App object that is based on my class baseApp displays a regular class icon.
In all the other projects (derived from this template project file) the App object that is based on my class baseApp displays a App icon. This is the same icon you will get when building a complete New Project for the App object.

So it seems indeed a corrupted project file.
Now I just need to find a way to correct this in my template project file.

Paul, you can watch carefully this (old) pdf:“Post-Build+Script”.pdf

Emile, thank you very much for this document.

At first glance it looks exactly what I was looking for, this will help me understand and experiment with this solution.

When I have it working I will send you a message and a example for the Mac OS version.

Based on Sam Rowland’s response I have found a solution to my original problem.
I have rebuild the App object in my template project file.