Can messages not in English be translated to English?

Occasionally I see messages in what looks like French or other languages. Is there a feature to translate?

Do you mean localised strings or something like my Open Lingua with Deepl project (Xojo + Alfred)?

I mean like when you are searching Google and something comes up in a different language, that you can translate.

Please be more precise in what you want. Did you check out my project?

If you are talking about the forum, using Edge I can select the text then contextual click and select translate from the menu.

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I’m talking about reading the Forum

It depends on the browser. Chrome could do this from launch. But there are also extensions that allow something like this.

Such as.: DeepL Übersetzer (Beta-Version) - Chrome Web Store

I usually copy/paste into google translate and then let that translate my reply too.

I’m on a Mac, I’ll check out browser options.

Safari has built-in translation since Monterey.