Can I use OLEObject for ... ?

Am responsible for a VB6 application that I wish to port to a better-supported (or even just supported) platform that will sustain our organization for several years. The application does three basic functions:

a) Serves as a browser for a rich set of model and terminology data that are serialized hierarchically (in XML) and for which tree-views,
with associated HTML panes work very well.

b) Constructs the XML files using queries and some “wierd logic” applied to Access tables for the terminology

c) Acts as a data source for the XML content to a model designer implemented in Visio (using VBA) where the XML content constrains
the models that can be legitimately created.

An afternoon of study convinces me I can do (a) and (b) fairly handily with “stock” Xojo, but © is problematic. I realize I could start up Visio from Xojo (via OLEObject …) but it is unclear how (or whether) I can push data to the VBA through this channel.

Any suggestions or “thoughts” appreciated … G Beeler

Failed to note in the original post that (a) and (b) are “stand-alone” functions using either the XML as source, or the Access as source and XML as output. But the © function is executed (currently) with Visio VBA invoking the DLLs of the VB6 app to read the XML data, and to provide a terminology browser for the VBA program.

G. Beeler

Hi George,

I I understand you correctly you want to embed a Visio object in a Xojo form, construct XML files from Access tables and display the results in the Visio object? That is possible but you have to rewrite the VBA logic. The embedded Visio object implements methods, properties and events.

Xojo has an XML class available for you to read and manipulate XML data.