Can I still download RB 5.5?

Does Xojo provide links to their old versions? I have a current Xojo license and was wondering if I’d be able to get my hands on a pre-Xojo version of RealBasic?

You can under downloads at get past versions. I just checked however and the earliest i can see is rb2007r1.

I still have 5.5 if they can’t help you., under your account, you can go back as far as you had a licence.

What is the minimum requirement for that old version? This is from 2005! The oldest version I have is 5.2.4. Ah, the good times. There was no bitching and moaning. Yes, some things didn’t work so good in the old old IDE but it worked fine and didn’t have any of those run, run, hard crash problems.

Mac version? Available on Mac abandonware sites.

If you send an email to, we can help you with that.

Before that though… where are you intending to run this? I don’t believe that it’ll run on modern versions of macOS.

I keep one inside a 10.6 virtual machine… works fine, but yes it has evolved … a lot !
also have an older one inside a Sheepshaver os9 virtual machine !

Thanks for the responses.

Email sent Greg, thanks. I’ve got 10.10 in a VM. Any idea what version it does run on?

RB 5.5 came out in 2004 so the Mac version is a PowerPC app. The last version of OS X that can run PowerPC apps (via Rosetta emulation) is 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Who needs emulation when you still have a functional 2005 mac mini laying around :wink: