Can I scroll one object based on another objects scroll bar events?

I have to objects that need to scroll at that same time based on one of the objects scroll bar activity.
Both objects are the the same width but I want one not to have a scroll bar and link it is position to the others scroll event.
How is this done? Do you just set the scroll bar visible to false and move linked with the other objects scroll event?

Yes - in the scroll event of the accessible object, set the scroll position of the other object as needed.

In Web there is no Scroll event, and controls do not have ScrollPosition. So syncronizing Scroll with the automatic ScrollBar cannot be done the way one would proceed in desktop.

For two WebContainers, for instance, set the ScrollBars to not visible, and use a separate scrollbar to set the ScrollTo in both controls.

Apologies - I missed that this was a web question. Michel is correct.