Can I read a cookie set with Xojo in ASP.NET?

I have an application in ASP.NET (using VB.NET in the code behind). I’d like to write a kind of wrapper program in Xojo that will set some cookie values and then start the ASP.NET website. The ASP.NET website would need to read the values set by Xojo within the VB.NET code. Is it possible to do that?

Cookies are sent to a server to whom the domain matches the cookie by the browser. The underlying technology does not concern. In essence as long as both apps are delivered from the same domain or you accommodate that correctly when creating the cookie it should be no problem.

Cookies set in Xojo seem to be invisible in ASP.NET, and vice versa. In ASP.NET (VB), I can get the cookie count like this:


In Xojo, I can get the cookie count like this:


In each case, the count is returning only the cookies which were set in the particular program, and I’m not sure how to break out of that constriction.

Cookies are mapped to URL’s. Since Xojo apps are either standalone or CGI and ASP.NET runs on Windows (usually) its unlikely they are accessed from the same URL hostname. You need to overcome that first otherwise the cookies will not be available. Remember the browser does not know what technology was used to create the cookie.