Can I provide read-only access to selected data stored in XoJo's cloud

I am currently conducting psychology experiments online, which store the data from each session in tiny tab-delimited textfiles (3K) at the online site itself. Because of the “crisis” of replication in medicine and the social sciences, providing access to the raw data from an experiment to fellow researchers has now become more critical, and new rules are being formulated by professional journals for providing the raw data to journal reviewers, editors, and readers. Some online sites sites already provide provision for giving degrees of access (e.g., Read-Only) to the stored data.

My question is whether an experiment administered from the XoJo cloud can be configured to provide such access to someone other than the “owner” of the site. The names and other identifying information of the experimental participants could, of course, be eliminated or blocked—just as we currently do with data gathered in our laboratories that we make available to others.

You can do this in two ways. One is creating a read-only user and other is to create new Views if its a database.

If its just Xojo Cloud then you can ask Xojo team to create a read-only ftp / sftp user and give access to the particular folder.

We don’t offer individual SFTP user management in Xojo Cloud.

As for the question, you could:
0. create a download page from within your app
0. Create an API using App.HandleUrl
0. If they are completely public, requiring no login credentials, Place files in the SpecialFolder.Documents folder and then give a url like:

@Greg O’Lone I think he want to give access to a folder where the file names are not static.

@Daryl Bem You can overcome this issue by listing the filenames from the folder in one of the webpage and allow the user to download.