Can I merge an x86 and an ARM library into a universal one?

Hi folks,
Not exactly a Xojo problem, but I know you guys know how to do this sort of thing :wink:

I’m embedding some external resources in the form of some .so libraries. All but 1 of them have universal versions available to use, but one of them I can only get in either x86 or arm, but not universal.

I feel like there should be a way to combine them after the fact? This is keeping me from being able to do a universal version of the app.

Any suggestions or where I should go next to look would be greatly appreciated!

lol, so as soon as I post that I decide to stop just searching for the answer and go read the official documentation and it’s right there on the first page :wink: the answer is via the “lipo” command, and I’ve just run it on the two libraries and it appears to have actually worked. I haven’t tested running it yet but the output from the file command says it is a mach-o application with 2 architectures and then lists the x86 and arm versions!