Can I generate a trace of my code? How?

A friend asked me to generate a “code trace” of my buggy code so he could look at it.

First off, what is a code trace? Second, how do I do this, assuming it’s even possible?

See Fehlermeldung: "side-by-side configuration" - #14 by Beatrix_Willius .

That’s not in English! How can I translate it?

Download the project. The note of the project isn’t in German.

It won’t run because I don’t have the MBS plugins.

This might work

  raise new RuntimeException
catch ex as RuntimeException
  // ex.Stack is your stack trace
end try

(written in the post editor without testing, ymmv)

or this:

  Var nilled As Dictionary 
  nilled.value("empty")  = "will generate nilobjectexception, since nilled dict is nil"
catch e as nilobjectexception
  // e.Stack is your stack trace
  // Print the values of e.Stack to the debuglog:
  Var eStack() As String = e.Stack
  If eStack.Count > 0 Then
  For each line As String in eStack
  System.debuglog line
end if
end try