Can HandleSpecialURL timeout?

Thanks to anyone who can help here.

Hi guys Im building a web email server using a database which holds the data for the emails and a web app with HandleSpecialURL.

The idea is to update the DB with email data, then hit HandleSpecialURL to wake up the server access the data and send the emails
Im getting some erratic destruction of objects. i.e. everything dies.
One time its the email process, the next its the updating the status on the DB so the email doesnt get sent again.

My question is about timing out
I believe each call to HandleSpecialURL is in a seperate thread.
Can this thread time out if the process takes to long? i.e. sending a number of emails , etc can take a while?
The process can take 20 seconds at the moment
Appreciate the forums help

I wrapped it all up in anew thread inside the HandleSpecialURL and the problems stopped
so maybe there is?
problem solved