Can get value from Cell but NOT from Celltag in Weblistbox


In my Webcontainer Class, I have a method that opens a modal Webdialog. I need some values from the selected row (cell and celltag values) to be stored for later use.

If I try to doubleClick on the list right after opening, the cellTag Value returns 0 (I get the same result by calling the method through a Webbutton action).

If I populate the list a second time (I placed a button on my form that calls the same populate method I use in the Shown Event for debugging purposes ) then the cellTag’s value is accurate.

Any hint?

Thanks in advance!

I solved my problem by using the CellTag(listIndex, 2) instead of using CellTag(listIndex, 0). Column(1) was already used and working well…

Maybe someone can explain me why CellTag on column (0) doesn’t return a value the first time a list is populated…