Can declares be used in Xojoscript?

I’m trying to use declares in Xojoscript, which the documentation indicates should work (Xojoscript Scripting language documentation - “All of the keywords in the Keywords category of the Language Reference are supported”), however doing so generates compiler error 132 (“The declare statement is illegal in RBScript”). So is it possible to use declares in Xojoscript, or is the documentation wrong and needs an update?

I would say the documentation is wrong… being able to use declares directly could break the sandbox

I tried entering declares in XojoScript and got an error. Seems it is not supported. It would seem to make sense for a scripting language not to be able to access the framework. But I could be wrong.

Not that I know of no

If the language reference states that declares are legal in XojoScript, they are wrong. The following features are unavailable in XojoScript:

  • Declares
  • Pointers
  • The Pair operator
  • The GetTypeInfo operator

Thanks everyone