Can debug variables pane be opened in separate window?

Hi All.
My main application has many modules and each has many variables. When the debugger hit a break point I only see a about 10 variables / methods without hiding my code.
Is there a way of showing variables like the inspector on the left of the code or in its own window?

There is no reference in Xojo documentation to any docking/undocking functionality of various areas for the IDE.

This is the #1 problem I have with Xojo - you have to make a choice between seeing your variables and seeing your code. The decision to put the variables and stack under the code was a bad one imo. In RS, with the variables to the right of code, the lines of code might be truncated, but that’s usually not much of a problem since anything that far right is usually a comment. And having the stack always displayed is a total waste of screen real estate.

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I agree! This makes it much harder to both see the code and the variables.

In the debugger if you see a blue underlined variable name, you can shift-leftclick on it to open a view on that variable and step through the code and see the variable value change. Problem however is that i have seen the IDE crash more often while using this option.

If you see it crashing in 2013r3, please file a bug report with steps to reproduce. Previous releases did have bugs like this, but I think they were all sorted out.

Sorry Joe, my license did end with 2013r2.

+1 For some reason, the Xojo design philosophy seems oblivious to the vertical space problems we are all seeing. In the same vein, I love the search tab in RS. But when I do a Find in Xojo, for every found item I want to see at the bottom, I have to give up one viewable line of code at the top. I just don’t see how some of these design decisions made it this far.

This is very important. The aspect ratios of almost all the monitors I see nowadays is wider than tall. There is some extra space on the right where the list of variables could go. I hope Xojo addresses this in an update.